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The Dirty Dancer (2014) [DVDRip] Full Movie Free Download

The Dirty Dancer (2014) [DVDRip] Full Movie Free Download

The Dirty Dancer is the story of a bar dancer-prostitute and a pimp, and their ambition to make a film. Raja works as a pimp, sending girls where his boss, Pasha, tells him to. When Raja makes a trip to Delhi, he meets bar dancer Mona there. He brings her to Bombay with him.

One day, Raja sends three girls to Pasha for Vicky and Shaggy. After a night of debauchery, Vicky and Shaggy have a fight during which Vicky shoots Shaggy dead. Pasha spirits the three girls away, threatening them with dire consequences if they dared to mention about the incident to anybody. One day, Raja sends Mona to a client who does nothing except painting her portrait.

When Raja and Mona go to Goa, they meet a director in whose film Mona had enacted a bite role. They discuss the possibility of making a film with him. When they realize that they have saved up enough money to produce a film, Raja and Mona commission the director to make one for them. What happens of the film? Will Mona and Raja enter the film world?

The Dirty Dancer Cast & Crew:
Banner: Mayura Films
Status: Released
Release Date: 27 Jun 2014
Genre:  Adult
Censor Details:
Censor Dates: Not Available.
Censor Certificate No :Not Available.
Runtime: Not Available.
Certification: A
Reels:  Not Available.
Length in metres:0.0
Color: C
Suresh Jain
Vinod Sharma
Shooting Location(City & Country):



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